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Frequently Asked Questions

What is ResearcHERS?
ResearcHERS is a program of the American Cancer Society (ACS) that structures an opportunity for women to use their influence to fund women-led cancer research. As a fundraising movement that empowers women to mobilize their communities and networks to sustain and promote women leading the field in cancer research, the ResearcHERS campaign is supporting some of the most innovative women-led cancer research projects in the country. With over 230 projects currently, ResearcHERS hopes to fund the American Cancer Society’s first female Nobel Prize winning researcher!
Why is funding cancer research so important? 
Funding for cancer research has led to significant advances in prevention, detection, diagnosis, treatment, and patient quality of life, but until there is a cure—funding ongoing studies and research is critical. Funding provides cancer researchers with the resources needed to sustain promising studies that have the potential to make further discoveries and medical breakthroughs.
What does partnership with The American Cancer Society (ACS) and SYNA Medical mean?
Our exclusive partnership with the American Cancer Society (ACS) allows our blue-violet nitrile glove purchasing partners to sustain women-led cancer research, bolster the careers of female researchers, and support a more robust pipeline of women in cancer research leadership roles.
How can I be part of this movement?
Your purchases of SYNA nitrile exam gloves fund the women-led cancer research projects at the American Cancer Society's (ACS) ResearcHERS program with a direct $0.20 donation per box. By becoming a purchasing hospital partner, you are part of this movement.

If you are not affiliated with the medical industry, you can still join the movement by spreading the word about Gloves with a PurposeTM to the medical professionals in your life and sharing SYNA Medical content on social media.
What kind of gloves are SYNA gloves? 
SYNA gloves are nitrile examination gloves, tested and approved to work with certain chemotherapy drugs. They are a medical device designed to be used within the healthcare industry.